· By Sydni Kreps

MTW BOOK REVIEW: We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman

Review by MTW community member Brianne H

This book in 3 words:
"heartwarming, funny, sad"
Recommended for:
"Anyone who has lost someone close to them or anyone who has a friend that has been by their side for a long time."
More thoughts: 
"I picked this one up ready to be sad based on the synopsis. The best surprise was that it was also hilarious; the friendship between the Ash and Edi and the way the characters interacted with each other had me chuckling throughout the whole book and added comedic relief to a heavy topic.
Belle, Ash’s youngest daughter, was probably my favorite character for the fact that she was unapologetically herself and witty as hell. While there was a lot of humor, the writing was also beautiful and full of figurative language that moved me as a reader."