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This is Your Brain on PTSD: Trauma Recovery (Zine)

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Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm!

This is Your Brain on PTSD: Trauma Recovery Using Brain Science Do you freak the fuck out at the weirdest possible times? Are there some normal life things that you just don't do or places you just don't go? Do you sometimes feel like you're living in an airless box with an arsenal of anti-everyone weapons on a hair trigger? You could be having a trauma reaction gone on autopilot that's taken over your life. Microcosm publishing bestseller dr. Faith walks you through it: first, all the different things trauma can be (pro tip, traumatic events aren't necessarily always huge and dramatic), how it affects your life, and how to use neuroscience to work your way through it and out the other side. Whether you're looking to heal from the past and move on or just want to understand more about how the brains of the people around you might work, this zine is practical and science-based and profane.