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The Zoo: An Escape Room

Inspired Puzzle for Young Detectives

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Hello, my name is Ben and I work at the zoo here in Singapore (it’s one of the biggest zoos in the world!). We found a message for you in one of the animal enclosures—it doesn’t happen very often to be honest, so we thought we better make sure it gets to you. Can you solve the puzzles to reveal the secret message?

There are 7 puzzles to solve, which together create a passcode. Enter the passcode into the online vault (you’ll need access to the internet) to reveal the secret message. Clues are available online so you won't get stuck!

Each item in the puzzle represents a different challenge—some are math-based, others logic—but all are designed to test different skills and be plenty of fun along the way!

Ages 7-10
1-2 players
30-40 mins play time