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THAT'S NOT FUNNY: A Party Game For People Who Love To Laugh

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Like Cards Against Humanity meets Charades

Laughter is the pressure valve on life. Let "That's Not Funny" be the catalyst for well-being, strong friendships, and, of course, endless laughter.

That's Not Funny is an uproarious, potentially offensive card game designed to maximize laughter with friends and test your ability to keep a straight face.

THE CONCEPT: Get Your Friends to Laugh
That's Not Funny is a party game that turns anyone's limited charisma and peculiar sense of humor into hours of shared laughter. Designed for players aged 17 and up, "That's Not Funny" is perfect for game nights, parties, or whenever you need a hefty dose of laughter.

Each turn, a player acts out a ridiculous role-play from a card in the deck and tries their best to make another player of their choosing crack up within 60 seconds. If the target laughs, the actor gets the point; if they don't, the target gets it. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room is cracking up.