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Seven by Shawn Krinke

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In a future where the line between reality and virtual simulation blurs, Seven grapples with the truth about her parents' revolutionary research. Her relentless pursuit of their discoveries pits her against the nefarious Oriska Fingal and a locust-limbed assassin. The stakes soar as Seven traverses a dangerous path toward self-discovery, trust, and the essence of humanity.

This young adult sci-fi novel is a fast-paced coming-of-age journey set in a dystopian future filled with artificial intelligence that is already in the dawn of its existence. Readers will race along with Seven and her unexpected allies as they unfold the science of humanity in order to save it.


“Do I read sci-fi? No. Do I like sci-fi? Also no. Did I like this book? … Yes.” — Jessie Smette (Northern Cass Public School librarian and Shawn’s desk buddy)

“Seven, the character and the book, will win your heart with humor and suspense.”— Mitchell Smette (the best English teacher and future best realtor)

“Oh my god! I actually understood this science fiction book!”— Ashley Krinke (yes, Shawn’s wife)

"The world building is unlike anything I've experienced before--refreshing and innovative read." — Aron Velde (Shawn's friend and former colleague. Although he's a lawyer, he was not contractually obligated to write that) 


Shawn Krinke is an award-winning educator with a passion for sharing the magic of words. Since 2008, he has been shaped by the young minds he teaches as a high school English educator and literacy specialist. Born and raised in North Dakota, Shawn is a former farm boy, a dedicated family man, and an avid quoter of all things pop culture. Currently calling Fargo, North Dakota, home, Shawn resides with his family, finding inspiration along I-94 and from his always entertaining learners. Seven marks his debut novel.


Paperback | $18.99
Published by Wolford Press | May 24, 2024
510 Pages 
ISBN 9798218404895
Young Adult
Science Fiction/Fantasy