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Little Book of Cookies

Sicoli, Christina & Steuer, Caitlin Renee

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“My children adore this darling and poetic book about cookies! It’s so fun getting to show them there’s more beyond chocolate chip.”

Little Book of Cookies is a short and sweet story that explores a wide range of popular cookie types. Take infants, toddlers, and young children on a read-aloud journey through cookies of all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors with beautifully expressive illustrations and bold type. Discover and discuss color, shapes, textures, tastes, flavors, rhyming, phonetics, and origins.

A great length for mealtime or bedtime, packed with vibrant colors and diverse characters, this charming board book is bound to be an instant classic. Perfect to read aloud with kids to spark curiosity, laugh, and learn!

Chocolate Chip - Biscotti - Gingerbread - Peanut Butter Cookie - Macaron - Fortune Cookie - Rainbow Cookie - Meringue

Little Book of Cookies makes an excellent gift for new parents, teachers, and educators alike.

Reading Level: 0-4 years old