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Collage Kit Magazine

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The Collage Kit is a new 120-page magazine of curated photographs, illustrations, and textures that are just begging to be cut up and reassembled into your very own collage masterpiece.

We had two goals in creating the Collage Kit:
1. Make it easy to unplug, relax, and engage in a mindful, creative activity.
2. Support up-and-coming artists we love.

Images cover a wide range of subject material including (but not limited to!) nature, design, letters, landscape, travel, and vintage photos. (Some of our favorite collages include DIY abstract artworks, greeting cards, and Junk Journaling/creative scrapbooking) The Collage Kit makes a great gift for kids and adults.

Product Details:
- 120 pages (60 sheets)
- One side of each sheet features artwork, while the other side is a solid color or simple texture
- Paper stock: 100# cover. 70# interior pages
- Size: 8.5x11 - Includes examples of finished collages for layout inspiration