Martina Calvi

Martina Calvi: Cassata Sticker Sheet x Casa Dolce Desserts

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Inspired by Martina's mutual Italian Australian upbringing, an A5 sticker sheet with 20 stickers featuring desserts created by the girls at Casa Dolce Desserts and sourced from vintage Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks.

Today is a wonderful day to start a journal, create something just because you felt like it, to try a new recipe, to make a playlist, to write a poem, to share something you've been working on, to start on that idea that's been sitting in your notes app for months, to wear your hair differently, to surprise someone with a gift just because, to abandon the project that stopped giving you joy and start anew, to message the old friend you've been thinking about, to hang up a piece of art, to enjoy the little things.
xo Martina