Matcha Latte with Adaptogens

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• Sustainably grown specialty grade coffee from Guatemala & Ethiopia
• Infused w/ Organic functional mushrooms extracts: Lion's Mane, Cordyceps + Reishi
• Unsweetened yet naturally sweet & smooth, no bitterness
• 5 calories
• 0g sugar
• 1g net carbs
• 120mg caffeine per can
• 80 calories
• 0g sugar
• 1g net carbs
• Tastes like melted matcha ice cream 🍵🍦
• Infused w/ organic functional mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Cordyceps + Reishi
• Plant-based & made with house-made macadamia milk
• 60 mg caffeine per can

A matcha made in heaven, canned in space and ready for you to drink, right here on planet Earth. We fuse the finest organic ceremonial grade matcha with creamy house-made macadamia milk and our inspiring blend of adaptogens and functional mushrooms to deliver hours of creativity in a can.