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Caramel Crack (50% Dark Milk Chocolate)

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Burnt + Sumptuous + Minnesota Sugar Shack

This bar has become a customer favorite for a reason! The crunch of real caramel toffee studs this dark milk chocolate bar for a snap and crack that you'll taste and feel.

At Sted, we believe that chocolate is more than just a sweet treat - it's a way to connect with the people and places that matter most. Our award-winning bars are crafted using only the finest fair trade cacao, and are certified USDA Organic. We never mess around with yucky fillers, gluten, soy, or palm oil. We're all about bringing joy to your taste buds while creating meaningful connections with the world around us.

Each bar is made in small batches at our family owned factory in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Formerly called TC Chocolate.