· By Sydni Kreps

oh, hello there!

I'm Sydni—owner & curator of More Than Words! First, let me just say: THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting the shop! It means the world to me to know that others are excited about this little dream of mine coming to fruition. I still pinch myself daily because I truly can't believe I'm lucky enough to be living out my lifelong dream of opening a bookshop. Am I awake!? Is this real life!? (Yes. And yes.) 
Since you've been so generous with your support thus far, I wanted to share a little update about the status of the bookshop and what's to come in the near future for MTW. Let's be real, you must be wondering by now: when the heck can I finally visit this place I've been hearing about for months!? The short answer: VERY SOON. The longer answer: we're hoping to be open before the new year, but we're tied up right now by the shipping times for our flooring and bookshelves—pretty crucial pieces of this big puzzle.
Before we're officially open, we plan to host a few more pop-up shopping opportunities and participate in some community events! To stay in the loop on what's happening, make sure to check our emails or follow along on our Facebook & Instagram. Otherwise, our online shop morethanwordsfm.com is available 24/7 for all of your holiday goodies. ;)
I can't wait to meet more of you and chat all things books + more—it's the highlight of everything I do!
With gratitude,