· By Sydni Kreps

feeling thankful...

Hello—it's me again! I had such an incredible weekend at Folkways' Christkindlmarkt as a first-time vendor with More Than Words. Although I could use at least a day of sleep, my heart is so full and I feel energized by the 4 days of bookselling, excited conversations, and meeting so many supportive members of our community. We were lucky enough to help hundreds of you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones (and yourselves!), and it brought me so much joy.
As for the shop itself, things are HAPPENING! Our flooring will be finished this week and the space will be just ready enough to welcome you through our doors for our Book + Holiday Gift Market on Small Business Saturday, November 26 (pop-up style—we aren't officially open yet!). We'll have sales, giveaways, and treats for you to enjoy while you shop and get a behind-the-scenes peek. The next step is to finish painting and get those bookshelves up and filled (shipping delays be damned...). If you aren't able to join us in person, morethanwordsfm.com is open 24/7. Build your cart before Plaid Friday, November 25, for our online gift sale!

As always, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for each of you and for all of the good cheer being thrown MTW's way lately. I hope you have a cozy holiday week and look forward to seeing you this weekend!
With gratitude,