· By Sydni Kreps

10 tips for reading a bit more

It’s a new year and, for many of us, that means an opportunity to reconsider how we’re spending our days. While every day is a chance to become newly intentional about one habit or another, there’s something about the new year that just feels…the freshest? the most rejuvenating? Whatever it feels like to you, maybe you’ve been hoping to become intentional about incorporating more reading into your life this year—if so, read on:

1. read what you want

"guilty pleasures” aren’t real. this is 2023.

2. ditch books you’re not enjoying

no guilt here either; this isn’t school & life is short.

3. listen to audiobooks anywhere & all the time

just press play on libro.fm & you’re reading. laundry? reading. dishes? reading. driving? reading.

4. give yourself options

always have a book (or more) at hand. choices, baby! this is how you avoid boredom.

5. find a reading buddy or book club

who can you talk to about what you’re reading? even just casually? book buddies are a must.

6. set bite-sized goals, if any

instead of x books per year, try x pages or minutes per day.

7. join a bookish community online

creep on others’ reading lives with apps like storygraph or goodreads.

8. try reading a book aloud with someone

a partner, a child, a family member, a friend. we all love story time!

9. think of screen time as potential reading time

could you give up some mindless scrolling for some thoughtful pages instead?

10. read a short book

give yourself an accomplishment boost to keep on reading without investing too much time. no, it’s not cheating.